“At our core, we believe that the most powerful type of marketing is one that comes from an influencer: from a friend, from someone you trust, from someone you follow.”

We are humans playing in a digital world; why not make advertising human again?

What We Do

Data Driven Native Advertising on Instagram

theAmplify creates large scale Instagram advertising campaigns using the patent pending technology SharedRank™.

  • Amplification


    We amplify a brand’s message by creating visual advertising campaigns called “brand stories.”

  • Purpose


    We inspire connections between brands and content creators through shared marketing strategies.

  • Distribution


    We have developed a proprietary mobile platform that enables content creators to distribute authentic brand messaging on Instagram.

Why Choose theAmplify

  • Premium Network

    Premium Network

    Pairing with premier influencers that actually incite action and generate branded conversations through authentic content.

  • Data Driven

    Data Driven

    Powerful Instagram analytics with a transparent real-time dashboard and SharedRank™.

  • Native Advertising

    Native Advertising

    Custom creative content and user generated content.