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theAmplify | A Technology Driven Influencer Platform


We develop influencer-driven visual storytelling experiences for the world’s most innovative brands.

By creating massive scale brand stories, we inspire audiences to engage with captivating imagery developed by the world’s leading content creators. Our expertise is data centric and ROI focused. We provide clients custom solutions centered on humanizing the advertising experience to reach consumers intimately.

Through our proprietary platform, we provide systems of control and give brands the opportunity to work with influencers at scale. Our advanced demographic and psychographic targeting solution, SharedRank™, offers transparency into audience data and ensures the best influencers are selected to produce the most efficient campaign.




Creators and growing

% Client Retention Rate

% Positive Campaign Sentiment


Creative Strategy

Elevate your brand’s presence through deep-rooted visual experiences designed to create action across your target audience with theAmplify’s proven creative development process.

Content Creation

Develop story-telling experiences for your consumers with theAmplify’s full-service production capabilities and our mobile application providing a streamlined environment to develop brand safe content.

Creator Selection

Access the world’s most premium creators through theAmpify’s invite only network and activate SharedRank™’s proprietary algorithm to select the influencers who reach your exact audience.

Reporting & Analytics

Prove ROI and value for your brand’s social content with theAmplify’s proprietary suite of measurement tools and real-time dashboards to identify lift in purchase intent, brand identification, product interest, brand sentiment and more.


Our experience reflects a diverse portfolio of premium clients and press.





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