theAmplify is a Creative Brandtech Influencer Service

theAmplify is a Creative Brandtech Influencer Service

Effortlessly combining technology and human interaction, theAmplify is a visual storytelling platform designed to streamline how brands collaborate with content creators.
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We believe that brands have 3 levels of fundamental frustrations when it comes to working with influential content creators: Influencer Selection, Content Creation and Content Measurement.

Our technology has been designed to combat each of these frustrations; stream lining the approach which lets you focus on what is important for your business.


By creating massive scale brand stories, we inspire audiences to engage captivating imagery developed by the world’s leading content creators. Our expertise is data centric and ROI focused. We provide clients custom solutions centered on humanizing the advertising experience to reach consumers intimately.
  • Content Creator Selection

    Exclusive invite-only network comprised of the most creative, social media personalities in the world. Partners of theAmplify have access to these creators through their own personal influencer selection dashboard ensuring that not only are you reaching the right audience at scale but that the creators representing your brand are in line with your image.

  • Branded Micro-Content Creation

    Partner with the world’s most innovative creators to communicate customized branded messages from the people they love and trust the most.

  • Experiential & Live Event Activations

    Take your event to the next level by delivering personalized, custom creator content into the hands of a worldwide audience. theAmplify's activation team facilitates unique experiences with creators and their fans driving brand buzz!

  • Media Buying on Creators Social Channels

    Amplify organic creator content through highly targeted paid media buying to reach a whole new loyal fanbase increasing ROI.

  • Virtual Reality & 360 Video Capabilities

    For brands that want to push the envelope and get interactive with creators and their audiences theAmplify offers custom VR and 360 degree videos through our in-house production studio.

  • Measurement & Analytics

    Real-time analytics dashboards allow brands to keep track of creator-driven content from all social platforms in one convenient place, measuring engagements and activity.  Track single frequency viewable impressions, engagements and branded conversations. theAmplify’s suite of analytic tools map sentiment, emoji usage and semantic mapping for comment and emoji analysis allowing brand partners to make smarter marketing decisions.


We work with Innovators…
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  • theamplify-client-logos__0009_hulu
  • theamplify-client-logos__0040_nestle
  • theamplify-client-logos__0007_Lionsgate
  • theamplify-client-logos__0013_gsn
  • theamplify-client-logos__0012_petsmart
  • theamplify-client-logos__0011_5 gum
  • theamplify-client-logos__0017_skyy
  • theamplify-client-logos__0016_dreamworks
  • theamplify-client-logos__0015_summit
  • theamplify-client-logos__0014_dick clark
  • theamplify-client-logos__0021_amazon
  • theamplify-client-logos__0020_activision
  • theamplify-client-logos__0019_oakley
  • theamplify-client-logos__0018_slim jim
  • theamplify-client-logos__0024_sonic
  • theamplify-client-logos__0023_jcpenney
  • theamplify-client-logos__0022_redbox
  • theamplify-client-logos__0028_nbc-universal
  • theamplify-client-logos__0027_hasbro
  • theamplify-client-logos__0026_wrigley
  • theamplify-client-logos__0025_veev
  • theamplify-client-logos__0031_pepsi
  • theamplify-client-logos__0030_conagra
  • theamplify-client-logos__0029_infiniti
  • theamplify-client-logos__0035_billboard
  • theamplify-client-logos__0034_jack
  • theamplify-client-logos__0033_century fox
  • theamplify-client-logos__0032_snack pack
  • theamplify-client-logos__0038_nickelodeon
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